antlers & skulls

faux antlers & deer skulls

at whitefauxtaxidermy, we appreciate nature and all of its glory.  antlers make excellent home accents.  at wft, we use only the highest skilled sculptures to create beautiful antlers for wall accents to functional sculptures; like hooks and racks.  each faux deer antler mold is used for a very limited run to ensure you are receiving an exceptional product that distinguishes white faux taxidermy from others. when producing your faux antlers; we use only the purest white resin to establish a homogenous mixture to render a superior wall decoration.

antlers are found in various genera of the deer family, such mule deer and moose.  in addition to their use as protection, antlers serve to showcase the animal's health and strength. our antlers are animal-friendly and come in various colors and sizes- perfect for any room and style. find your perfect rustic animal antler decor now.