elephant boho decor | faux taxidermy elephant mounts
tusked bull elephant home decor in various sizes & colors

shop the white faux taxidermy brand elephant heads, available in mini or large, and in a variety of colors. add a bit of glam to your space with a two-toned metallic or glitter tusked elephant. an animal-lover's dream, as a safari nursery decoration or boho bedroom decor.

did you know..? there are only two regions in the world lucky enough to host wild elephants: sub-saharan africa and south/southeast asia (although their wholly mammoth relatives are still found today, well-preserved in siberian permafrost!) there are a few noticeable differences between the asian and african elephants, including head shape, ear size & shape, body size/shape/weight, and even finer details like their trunk "fingers", skin texture, toenails, and more. our faux elephant mount takes on more of the characteristics of the african elephant. 

elephants, like humans, take every precaution to protect their babies. a typical pregnancy last over 2 years with, usually, a single and healthy (or hefty!) baby calf being born at over 200 pounds. showcase your love for one of the most adorable and admired animals on earth with a painted elephant sculpture on your wall.