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The Phoenix | Large White Faux Eagle Head | Eagle Wall Art


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The Phoenix - White Large Faux Eagle Head Wall Mount. 
• 14.75" tall
• 10.5" wide
• 11" deep

• About 6lbs total
• Each eagle art mount is cast out of a polyresin material, thus making the eagle sculpture fairly light in weight.

Hanging Instructions:
• Use a monkey hook, strong nail or screw

More Information:
• Each white eagle raptor mount is custom painted so each one is a unique piece of wall hanging decor.
• The colors presented are representational only and should not be used to judge actual sculpture color 100%.

Interesting Bald Eagle Facts:

The Bald Eagle, the United States national bird, was nearly extinct in the early 1900's due to DDT, a pesticide, and hunting.  However, soon after adding the Bald Eagle to the Endangered Species list in the 1940's and banning of DDT in the 1970's; the Bald Eagle population quickly recovered.  Though the Bald Eagle is the United State's national bird; soon after signing the Declaration of Independence, in 1776 Benjamin Franklin seeked to have the wild turkey be a symbol of the nation instead. Today, Bald Eagles are striving throughout North America and the turkey is 'appreciated' on Thanksgiving.