Be Chic. Go Faux ➵

Decorating with resin animal heads is a great way to get people talking and get your room looking like a truly modern masterpiece in interior decorating. These are crafted masterpieces that will give you the same majesty of decorating, with less money and with a very eco-friendly approach. So, indulge with a new unicorn head wall sculpture, a fancy metallic gold deer, lion, bear, moose or whatever you can imagine- With White Faux Taxidermy your expectations are surpassed with superior quality and affordable pricing; the only decision left is which animal sculpture represents you?

offering a variety of housewarming fits for those that are near & dear to you.  Our faux taxidermy sculptures are real charmers; from nursery walls to office and commercial space.
Bring nature near & showcase what you hold dear.  Find the perfect good-luck wall charm now!  Shipped worldwide, & yes, even faux taxidermy in Australia.