bear head art | modern rustic home decor
faux grizzly bear wall mount in various sizes & colors

ever the paradox in our lives, the great bears of the wild invoke feelings of love, fear, humor, pity, adventure and nostalgia. from early folklore of trappers and frontiersmen, to picnic-basket-stealing cartoon grizzlies and their sidekick cubs, to legendary characters of books, toys, and cinema, to tragic tales of habitat encroachment and destruction, to viral photos of suffering polar bears, and of course to the most iconic of all children's comforters in the teddy... no matter how you slice it, bears have been deeply ingrained in american culture since the beginning. the best art produces emotion, whether it be positive, appalling, neutral, or otherwise. capture the essence of this larger-than-life mountain woodlands beast with our expertly detailed, carefully crafted, and individually hand-painted faux bear head wall decor.

from bear rugs to fearsome taxidermies and snarling wall mounts, bear heads and furs have become symbolic of rustic cabin decor in lodges, cottages, and log houses around the world. we want to bring that iconic element to your home, but by taking the traditionally rustic decor and adding an animal-friendly, contemporary twist. did you know..? alaska is home to three bears: the black bear, grizzly bear, and the polar bear.  the black bear is the most common and smallest of the three. the largest, at a staggering ten feet tall when standing, is the polar bear. there are less than 25,000 polar bears left in the wild; help honor and preserve each of these majestic mammals with a faux bear mount today.