dinosaur head wall decor | modern "prehistoric" art
t-rex & triceratops home decor in various colors

our dinosaur home decor collection began with a charging triceratops and a fearsome tyrannosaurus rex, offered in brilliant colors and stunning detail. we individually hand paint our dinosaur trophy wall mounts in a variety of unique hues to be sure you can match your artistic style and space. take a lesson from the prehistoric past...and get your hand-painted dinosaur head before they go extinct (again!) the mesozoic era may have ended 66 million years ago with the last dinosaur going extinct around 65 mya, however now is the time to spark your creativity and let your imagination travel back in time to the diverse jurassic era.  find an everlasting faux t-rex decorative sculpture, or a chic & whimsical triceratops head wall mount by white faux taxidermy to add some one-of-a-kind contemporary dinosaur art to your wall.