fox head farmhouse decor | faux taxidermy fox art
painted fox mounts for woodland home/nursery decor

faux taxidermy fox are in. introducing the cute & chic sylvester fox wall mount, offered exclusively by white faux taxidermy. this adorable little deviant is custom sculpted and individually hand-painted in a variety of colors to be the perfect mix of trendy-woodland and modern-farmhouse decor. their surprisingly humanlike lifestyle make it easy to introduce some contemporary fox art into your home: foxes build dens to sleep, store food, and raise their pups, many live in small groups, and foxes have diets similar to most humans, consisting of plants and meat. these cute little woodland creatures can weigh up to 30 pounds, but don't underestimate their speed: a red fox can run up to 30 mph!  fortunately, these furry friends don't typically attack humans, but they can be dangerous to pets and livestock. add a cute little fox to your nursery or farmhouse-themed decor; and don't worry, this is one fox you can trust to guard the henhouse!