moose head & antler wall mounts | faux taxidermy home decor
contemporary moose art in various sizes & colors

if you are looking for something bold, skillfully crafted, and full of rich detail; add a faux moose head to your home, office or any other space. moose are majestic creatures that have traditionally provided enough to supply a small family through harsh winters. taxidermy was, and still is, used to show appreciation for such an animal. however, with limited resources, and with modern amenities available to more and more, a moose is best appreciated with white faux taxidermy's resin animal head interpretation.

the moose, also known as an 'elk' in eastern europe (which is in stark contrast to the north american elk; related to deer), are large, powerful and mostly peaceful animals.  however, they are highly protective of their offspring and family.  add a piece of nature to your home as a symbol of unity and tranquility. find a variety of colors and combinations to reflect your unique style and personality.