Assembly Deer

Antlers Only, side view assembling White Faux Taxidermy Deer Head Wall MountsDeer Antlers Only, front view (Assembly Instructions)


Note the position of the antler points; the wall-facing portion is flat; the front of the antlers is curved.

*loose glitter may be present if option(s) selected; this is normal.  

Antlers are individually set to save you money & for more eco-friendly packaging.

Deer head, no Antlers front viewDeer head, no Antlers side view


Lay head flat on a soft surface.  The nose should face up.

Inserting antlers into deer head, side viewInserting antlers into deer head, front view

Inserting Antlers

Gently insert the antlers into the slots.  The antlers may have an 'R' and 'L' that corresponds with the marking within the head.
*Do Not force antlers in; if properly placed, there will be little resistance.
Deer Head Wall Mount assembly of Antlers, side viewDeer Head Wall Mount assembly of Antlers, front view


You did it.  Now, gently lift the head by tilting the antlers upward & the neck downward.

*Antlers can then be glued in place for a permanent placement. Simply place a few drops of glue within the slot & on the base of the antler.