The Elcide | Moose Head | Faux Taxidermy | Gold Resin

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The Elcide , Moose Head , Faux Taxidermy , Gold Resin


  • Ships in 2-4 business days*
  • Hand-painted just for you
  • 18.5" tall x 24.25" wide x 8.25" deep
  • Easy assembly: insert antlers then hang
  • by White Faux Taxidermy ® No Animals harmed
  • Details

    The Elcide - Large Metallic-Gold Moose Head Wall Mount.

    • 18.5" tall (47 cm)
    • 24.25" wide (61.6 cm)
    • 8.25" deep (20.95 cm)

    • 6.5lbs
    • Each piece is cast out of a polyresin material, thus making the moose sculpture fairly light in weight.

    Hanging Instructions:
    • Use a monkey hook, strong nail or screw
    • The moose antlers are removable to save space in shipping
    • Glue the antlers in place with super glue before hanging

    More Information:
    • Each moose mount is custom painted so each one is a unique piece of wall hanging decor.
    • The colors presented are representational only and should not be used to judge actual sculpture color 100%.


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