modern farmhouse decor | faux bison head & skull wall mounts
country rustic home decor, with a contemporary twist

with our bison decor collection at white faux taxidermy, the rustic western cowboy finally meets the stylish city slicker! we honor america's greatest beast with realistic detail and a large, prominent mount, but of course we give it some modern artistic flair with our custom paint colors. did you know..? although not technically a buffalo (those are in africa & asia) this massive animal is referred to as the 'american buffalo' and has roamed the american grasslands for nearly 200,000 years. with such an empowering presence and prominent place in american history, the bison was recently named the national mammal of the usa, putting it right on par with the great bald eagle.

although hunted to near extinction, the american bison has held a continuous presence in yellowstone since prehistoric times. do your part to save this great western animal and honor its status in our country by decorating your home with a faux bison head or skull rather than the real thing. mimic the same country rustic decor that you expect in lodges, ranches and cabins, but with our signature contemporary element. give this glorious bison art a special place in your home, as the "america's buffalo" has a special place in the heart of our country. completely animal-friendly and ready for display.