modern/rustic decor | faux taxidermy ram
bighorn sheep head & horns wall mount in various colors

prized and appreciated for their thick, curled horns flanking their skull, this strong-willed (and hard-skulled) animal is a legend in the wild. with excellent balance and amazing jumping abilities, there is very little that keeps a bighorn sheep from exploring. our contemporary rams collection will save you a hike over towering mountains and across vast deserts to encounter this glorious beast! though difficult to spot in the wild, the beautiful bighorn sheep is found all over western north america, presumed to have traversed across the land bridge from siberia long ago.

with a strong appearance and air of nobility, this striking accent piece combines rustic decor with modern colors and finishes, perfectly suited to be mounted in a modern farmhouse living room, eclectic kitchen, contemporary lodge, or any other trendy space.