human skulls

human skull art | victorian gothic home decor

introducing our victorian gothic style human skull art, crafted with a contemporary twist. this skeletal replica is carefully sculpted with all of the intricate seams, teeth, texture and detail of a real human skull, and hand-painted in striking colors. baring the wicked smile of the dead (or undead...) this modern skeleton sculpture will ward off your office intruders, turn heads on your bookshelf, or accentuate your eclectic home decor. our artistic human skulls are offered in a variety of unique colors and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect piece to express your personality and style.

whether it be an edgy office, eclectic living room, bold game room, or minimalist bedroom, our painted skulls take a trendy halloween vibe and make it last year round. venture beyond the grave, and bring back this gorgeous souvenir for your space…